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you're crazy, man...

i like you, but you're crazy.

in the wrong place trying to make it right
18 September
INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
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thanks to my evil twin sargiegirl76 for the above piece of seger-inspired genius.

80's pop, adam lambert, american idol, apollo's chariot, art, artichokes, babies, baby boy, baby stuff, baroque, basil, baths, being free, being scared, bob seger, brandon, breastfeeding, bruce campbell, cadillacs, cat stevens, chilling out, classic country music, clean sheets, color field, comedy central, cooking, cool pillows, darren hayes, day of the dead, dogs, eddie izzard, extended breastfeeding, ezra, garlic, gay rights, george harrison, gone with the wind, grilled cheeses, gun control, harry potter, hobbits, honesty, hope, horror books, horror movies, incense, iron chef, jeff buckley, jmw turner, johnny cash, jon stewart, kradam, kris allen, lady gaga, laughing, left-wing, legolas, leonard cohen, liberal, living dead, lloyd dobler, lord of the rings, love, manet, manos, mst3k, naps, natural childbirth, neil diamond, nerdy boys, new york city, night of living dead, night-of-the-living-dead, nine inch nails, nursing, old school, parsley, pasta, pepsi, perseverance, perverts, poker, pro-choice, providence, puppies, ray lamontagne, renaissance, roller coasters, romero, rothko, sandman, savage garden, scrabble, seacrest, secrets, sense & sensibility, shaun of the dead, silent hill, slasher flicks, sleeping, smooches, snark, snl, sonic, south park, stephen king, stillwater, sushi, tao, tao te ching, taoism, tenacious d, tension and spark, texas hold'em, the beatles, the daily show, the duomo, the family guy, the future, the muppet show, the onion, the past, the sims, the state, the tower of terror, this delicate thing, tina fey, today, tomatoes, utz chips, vermeer, vh1 countdowns, wally lamb, wham!, will ferrell, writing, wu wei, xlr, zombies